Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thomas the Train - Up Close and Personal

Thomas the Train Engine chugs into Perris, California starting November 10, 2006. Yes, I know that Perris is 46 miles away from Pomona, but it's the closest he comes our way. He also comes to Fillmore, which is 80 some miles north of us, but at least you're closer to civilization along the drive. Everyone I've talked to who has taken their kid says it's a MUST DO for any Thomas fan. These things sell out, so you should get your $16 tickets now at

My friend Diana, mom of 3.75 year old twins, has a son who is a Thomas freak. Okay, so pretty much every young boy (and lots of girls) I know is a Thomas freak. Diana's daughter once told her that she loved Mr. Big. Diana's son followed up by reporting that he loved Mr. Big....'s trains. At least he's honest. Diana informed me that Thomas was around when we were kids too. Turns out the Thomas books have been around since 1945! Of course, the Thomas characters weren't as heavily marketed as they are now, but what was?

Here's an article about the people behind the marketing of Thomas. Don't worry, it doesn't make you hate Thomas. Seems Anglican Reverend Wilbur Awdry created the first stories for his 3 year old son Christopher who had either the measles or scarlet fever (depending on which account you read) and had to be quarantined. Mom Margaret thought the stories were worthy of publication and was the one who basically got them into print. Son Christopher took over the writing of the books when dad couldn't do it anymore.

Did you know that all Thomas trains have a lifetime warranty? If they break down in any way, you just mail them to Brio, and you get a brand new train. Perhaps that's why they cost so darn much in the first place. And yes, new mothers, most generic wood track will work with the Thomas trains, so there's no reason to buy the real stuff. I kind of like the worn Thomas we have floating around our house. I suppose if Thomas' wheels ever fall off tho, we'll take Brio up on their offer. I'm sure the replacement Thomas will get just as worn in no time.


Ontario Emperor said...

Fascinating story about the people who started the Thomas books.

I have not been to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in over 20 years (I assume the Thomas train will either originate there or end up there). Nice museum, though.

Goddess of Pomona said...

yeah, I learn something new every day as I think of things to post on this blog. Thanks for being one of the few to brave posting on here.

Anonymous said...

We went and saw Thomas in 2004 and 2005. I think for those 2 and under it is only mildly entertaining but for the three thru 93 croud it's a blast. In addition to the thrill of seeing THOMAS!!, the Orange Empire Railway Museum is great. They have many types of rail cars in various stages of restoration, really very interesting. I even saw an old streetcar from my hometown of Visalia!