Saturday, July 15, 2006

Personalizing Pomona

As you're motoring around Pomona, keep your eyes open for Pomona-oriented license plates and post them on here. Okay? That's right, in between handing your children their water bottle in the back and fumbling around with the CD player until you find that one song your kid is screaming for, check out the license plate of the car in front of you. And for goodness sakes, whatever you do DON'T talk on a cell phone while you drive.

I was in line for gas at Costco on Friday. In front of me was a black toyota compact with a license plate that read "PMNA GRL." Of course I got so excited that I had to say something to the Latina driver. Turns out she's a Pomona mom of two from Phillips Ranch. She said that people often wave, smile and toot their horn at her in reaction to the plate. She said that suprisingly she had no trouble getting a Pomona-related license plate. She said the only other Pomona license plate she has seen around town simply said "POMONA." There must be others. Have you seen any? What did they say? Who was driving the vehicle? Pomona Girl said she travels the information highway as well, so I gave her a Goddess of Pomona flyer. Welcome, Pomona Girl. Gotta love your team spirit.

All this gave me an idea, what about this for a license plate:
I think it really needs an E or another S to be effective. Otherwise, it looks like a religious reference.

Dream up your own Pomona plate and check here for availability:

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