Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Parks: The Good, the Bad and the Shady - Part II

As one would expect, Claremont has lots of parks too. They have all of theirs listed together on their website at:

I've been to 3 of them:

1. Memorial Park in Claremont is my husband's favorite and where he always takes Mr. Big. The equipment is designed for toddlers, not older kids. It's small enough that you can spot your child without having to get on the equipment, or take chances. It's not that elaborate, but kids don't seem to get bored of it. Often the main equipment is in the shade, although some of the amenities are not (a concrete climbing animal for instance gets red hot most days). A little bit of sand, combined with rubber. This is the same park that houses the bombshell where the summer music concerts are held, as well as the toddler wading pool. fyi, Claremont posts it's upcoming events on a banner above Indian Hill just across from the park.

2. Larkin Park in Claremont is my personal favorite because it is the only park I have found that provides adequate shade. A large tree, whose retaining wall serves as excellent seating for us parents, showers the play equipment with shade the vast majority of the day. Plus, the park is completely gated for those of you whose children like to dash off on a moment's notice (raising my hand here). It's located at 600 N. Mountain, that's at the corner of Harrison and Mountain, which is between Indian Hill and Towne.

3. College Park A.K.A. Pooch Park in Claremont is okay. Not shady. Parking can be tough if there's an event going on at the baseball fields. But the dog park is right next door, so canine owners can kill two birds with one stone. There is often a group of ruffians smoking at the benches (within breathing room of some of the play equipment). Never very crowded. One piece of the play equipment is shaped like a train, for the train obsessed. You can hear, but not see, passing trains from the play area. It's located at 100 S. College, just above Arrow Hwy.

La Verne has several parks as well. I've been to 2. Check out their website's listing for the rest of them, complete with jazzy 180 degree photographs:

1. Lordsburg Park is located in the Latino section of the City. Yes, they do have one, and almost on the other side of the railroad tracks from the rest of the town, but not quite. To get there you go down Fairplex from Arrow Highway and turn right on the first street (Walnut). It's located about two blocks down on the left, between "C" and "A" Streets. This park scores high marks with me for the squeaky clean sand, stylish landscaping and unobstructed view of passing trains. We have never seen anyone else at this park besides ourselves during the weekdays,which is a shame, since this is a nice place to hang out. As for the origin of the park's name, the original name of LaVerne was Lordsburg.

2. Kuns Park is located in LaVerne's historic district at 1600 Bonita. It's a beautiful setting, much like Lincoln Park. It is bound on one side by a busy street, but the play equipment is on the opposite side. Big party place on the weekends. LaVerne's oldest tree is there.

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