Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting Out of the Frying Pan

Last weekend's 100 degree dog days reminded me of what we have to look forward to come July. I never moved here because I liked the heat.

Of course the coolest place in the summer is inside an air conditioned house. From what I can tell, the most popular person in town is the local air conditioning guy: Greg of Greg's Refrigeration, a Pomona native. I'm sure you have seen his trucks around town. He has saved many a weary soul from melting, including myself. When we first moved here several Junes ago, we had neither heat or air in our two story house. My husband had the daring idea of waiting to install air in case we didn't really need it. Well let me tell you, that air conditioning system was being installed in desperation within our first month here. My husband accuses me of responding to one degree temperature shifts as if the seasons are changing. I don't think I'm that bad, but I also know I could not survive without air in the home and the car out here.

Greg figures into local Pomona lore as well. Legend has it that Greg and his friends are responsible for Lincoln Park not being a perfect circle as it once was. Seems the City reshaped the roadway around the park in an attempt to slow them down. I don't know if it worked, since Greg can still be seen rushing around Pomona as he fulfills his higher calling of cooling off our fellow citizens. I've yet to see him popping wheelies around Lincoln Park, however, so maybe the new shape did the trick. I wonder if the City's street maintenance department has been made aware there's a Greg Jr. coming up the ranks?


Anonymous said...

My daughter LOVES the water fountains at Victoria Gardens - they let kids go in and get soaked - and they are FREE! Grab a change of clothes for everyone before you go (and I always wear waterproof sandals). Park in the covered parking near the food court - the "jumping fountains" are in the big open area south east of the food court.
My daughter squeals with glee every time they jump. The water feels great. It's a little bit of a drive to Rancho, but if you have a toddler they are the safest water play area I've found besides the wading pool.
-Puppet Lady

Goddess of Pomona said...

This is exactly the kind of open exchange I am aiming for on here. You go, Puppet Lady. Thanks for understanding the concept. I've never been to Victoria Gardens, but it sounds worth checking out.

Jay A. said...

I second Puppet Lady! Victoria Gardens is especially great if you have kids.....there is also a kids train, a Thomas the Train store, a grassy area to play adjacent to the fountain, and a nice little playground near the covered parking lot. Also, I read recently that there is a summer outdoor (free!) movie series for kids! Here's a link: